Mission and Vision

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In the light of Atatürk's principles, within the frame of Higher Education principles and laws, our mission is to provide education, research and social contribution in the field of humanities and social sciences and to create a participatory education culture which is sharing and permanently open to improvement. In addition, it is to raise talented individuals who produce scientific knowledge at national and international level, who are innovative researchers that have adopted the culture of quality, have high self-confidence, adherence to scientific ethics, critical and analytical thinking, and respect contemporary, social and scientific values.


Our vision is to provide our students with an education, which is well-known and preferred in Turkey and the world with its training and research quality in the field of humanities and social sciences, has a sharing and participatory administration, encourages studies that will carry our country forward, especially considering the development potential of our region, and can provide cooperation between the University and society, open to development at national and international level, modern, innovative, quality and career-oriented, respectful to universal values ​​and aimed at continuous improvement. It also includes being the most preferred faculty among its equivalents and being in the first place.

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