Exam Rules

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                                                                                                                     EXAM RULES

Every student who takes the exam is obliged to have the student identity document issued by Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University and a special identification document with
(identity card, driver's license or passport), which will be asked when necessary. Students must be present in the exam hall on time in order to carry out identity checks and placement in the hall.

Students must comply with all warnings of the examiners. The authority to determine the seats of the students and to change their seats when necessary belongs to the examiners. After the students write their names, surnames, student numbers in the required places on the Question and Answer sheets and sign it, the exam will be started.
If the professor accepts the excuse of the student who is late within the first 15 minutes of the exam, the student will be able to take the exam. However, the exam period will not be extended for this student.

Students will not be allowed out of the exam hall for the first 20 minutes of the exam, even if they complete the answering process early. It is strictly forbidden for students to leave the exam
hall to meet their toilet and similar needs during the exam. A student who leaves the exam hall for any reason will not be allowed back in.
It is strictly forbidden for the students who will take the exam to bring mobile phones, pocket computers, pagers, radios, cameras, video cameras, clocks with functions other than clock functions,
and any other devices with computer features to the exam halls. The use of materials such as notebooks, books, dictionaries, electronic devices, calculators, etc. is determined by the professor.

It is strictly forbidden to write the questions and the answers on a separate sheet of paper and to take this sheet out.

During the exam, it is forbidden for students to talk to each other, to try to cheat or to help others to cheat, to exchange pencils, erasers and similar items, and to engage in any behavior
that will disturb others and disrupt the order of the exam. Examiners do not have to warn those who try to cheat and the responsibility belongs to the students. Students must not cheat and they should
use the answer sheets in a way that other students cannot see and attempt to cheat.
Students are obliged to abide by the exam rules. Examiners have the right to warn students suspected of cheating. On the other hand, examiners may not warn those who do not act accordingly if they deem it
necessary in order not to distract other students and not cause them to waste time.
Regardless of method chosen, the identities and faults of those who cheat, attempt to cheat, or assist in cheating during
the exam will be clearly written in the minutes by the examiners as a requirement of investigation.
A disciplinary investigation will be opened against a student who cheats, tries to cheat, or cheats in the exam,
and action will be taken within the scope of the rules of the Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulation.
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